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The Human Gospel of Ramana Maharshi  as shared by V. Ganesan (broadcast 4-25-2011)  This is a discussion with guest John Troy about sharings from V. Ganesan, Ramana Maharshi’s grand nephew, and other stories on Easter Monday. From talks freely shared by Ganesan at AHAM in Asheboro, NC as well as in India at the AHAM Ashram in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. These sharings are about the 63 devotees of Ramana Maharshi that Ganesan attracted back to Ramanashram and that he personally served and listened to their stories about their time with Ramana Maharshi until their death. This was his spiritual sadhana. A human gospel; this is not a book but rather a sharing.  Find out about a free sharing download at

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  1. The purpose of this interview was to let people know about V. Ganesan’s work and its availability for free. However in this interview we speak mostly of Ramana Maharshi influence on John Troy and Paul Nagy and the universal message and importance of Ramana Maharshi for all people who wish to know themselves.

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