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Bull Spec publisher Samuel Montgomery-Blinn (broadcast 1-2-2012)  Sam talks about the importance of fantasy and science fiction in the world of literature and about the why and how of his involvement in the world of publishing.  Bull Spec is a magazine of speculative fiction devoted largely but not absolutely entirely to local Carolina writers.  published quarterly from Durham, North Carolina.  A very attractively put together magazine featuring some great reading.  Explore a little at

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  1. Paul was right — the things we talked about pre-show didn’t make it back onto the tips of our tongues. I remember talking before the show about the Wild Cards anthologies, and the way they used science fictional concepts (a virus outbreak causing mutations, including super powers) to set up parallel (but not quite) ways to talk about McCarthyist witch hunts, racism, gay rights, and more — including a memorable scene of police clearing a peaceful protest from a NYC public square using billy clubs and tear gas. Anyway, this is a really nice trip back to the studio in early January, which was a great start to the year for me. Thanks again, -Sam

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