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Nancy Peacock

Persimmon Wilson and his story will stay with you long past the first reading.  An amazing tale, Nancy Peacock brings us nothing less than an American saga carrying love and cruelty and passion and an enduring will to survive that knows no bounds.  Filled with personalities that come alive on the pages, we are bound to Persimmon the day he, a nine year old slave, carries a picnic basket for a lady attending the hanging of a slave who killed his overseer, and are with him when, across the showroom as they wait to go on the auction block, he first sees the woman he will always love.  We are there when he joins a regiment of Union soldiers, when he becomes a member of the Comanche Nation, and when he comes, at last, to the end of his telling.  Here a thread is woven into the fabric of American history that will enrich your comprehension and appreciation of the whole cloth.

“This extraordinary novel, part Cold Mountain, part Dances With Wolves, is a love story, a thriller, an epic adventure tale, and impossible to put own.” Henry Wiencek

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  1. Audrey has it exactly right about Nancy Peacock’s amazing new book. I count it among those books that have enlarged my sense of the world and have left me changed.

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