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Selkie  Myrridia

Diana Bastine and Debra Killeen

Listen in to a great return visit from favorite authors of Young Adult fantasy, Diana Bastine and Debra Killeen, as they talk with us about their current publications and projects.

Diana Bastine, one of many Fairy CatMothers, is the author of the Young Adult fantasy novels The Source, Shapeshifter and Selkie.  Her current writing projects include the fourth novel in her fantasy series, Gabriel’s Secret, and a steampunk adaptation of the life of labor activist Mary “Mother” Jones.  She is also co-editing a forthcoming steampunk anthology.

About Selkie:

When Kathleen Flynn’s partner, Anna, mysteriously vanishes while swimming along the Irish coast one day, friends of her brother Niall and niece Caitlin from the underground world of Hamelyn and the world of Faerie join them to find the reason for her disappearance, a reason that may be more sinister than they expect.

Debra Killeen is the author of the 5-volume award-winning fantasy series, The Myrridian Cycle, consisting of An Unlikely Duke, A Prince in Need, Legacy of the Archbishop, Priestess Awakening and Kingdom in the Balance.  Her current writing project is the Unholy War trilogy, and she has plans for a few short stories and a paranormal mystery series.

Late breaking news since the broadcast: Double Dragon  eBooks has accepted the first volume of the  “Unholy War” trilogy for publication in 2014.  Congratulations Debra! 

About the Myrridian series

“Killeen thrills readers again with all the adventure and intrigue they have come to expect from her writing. Old friends return and new villains are introduced. Lies, betrayal, deceit, murder, violence, love, and romance fill the pages. A visit to Myrridia is never dull, and Killeen’s ability to create a fictional world that completely makes the reader forget the real one is matched by few fantasy writers.”—

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