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How Language Is Lost

How Language Is Lost by Celisa Steele (broadcast 12-16-2013)  Carrboro’s new Poet Laureate brings us an exciting collection of poetry with her first chapbook, full of surprises, humor, loss, love and insight.  As Poet Laureate Celisa will be presenting poetry during Carrboro Day in May, working on the West End Poetry Festival for October and initiating efforts to bring poetry into our schoolrooms.  This sampling of her fine talent gives a taste of how fortunate Carrboro is to have her contribution to our community life.   

“Celisa Steele has indeed made a wonderful debut. These poems possess all of the qualities a reader could hope for in a book of poems: lyricism, humor, compression, depth of feeling and meaning, memorable imagery, precise language, and perhaps most importantly, one surprise after another. A very enjoyable read that leaves the reader wanting more.”  Scott Owens, Wild Goose Poetry Review.

Find out more at Celisa Steele, Poet


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