Focus on Speculative Fiction: John G. Hartness and Gail Z. Martin


John G. Hartness and Gail Z. Martin [broadcast 2016-04-04] — A funny thing happened on my way to the studio on Monday morning. I was planning to just talk about the absolutely packed month ahead of literary events (see the Bull Spec newsletter for the latest listings) and at the very last minute asked Charlotte authors Hartness and Martin if they would have time for quick chats via phone about their latest projects. Success! Hartness has a new “Bubba the Monster Hunter” novella out, but we spent most of the time talking about his putting a shingle out as publisher of Falstaff Books, for many years his own imprint on his self-publishing efforts, and his recent call for submissions for a #WeAreNotThis anthology. Martin has just seen the fourth and concluding book in her Ascendant Kingdoms series published by Orbit Books, and we also talked about several other series she has ongoing as well. And! I did follow through as planned with an overview of the month ahead in books and readings, including Fred Chappell’s appearances in the Triangle this month, along with the Oak City Comicon, Ernest Cline, Felicia Day, and more. Enjoy!

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