Harry Loves Carrots by Laura Baldwin, illustrated by Andy Marlette (broadcast 12-19-2011)  Based in a reclaimed, two hundred foot chicken house on a historic farm Garden in the Koop not only produces organic seeds, many that are heirloom, but also charming, colorful children’s books like Harry Loves Carrots, Harry Loves Turnips (Not) and others.  Laura succeeds wonderfully in her aim of providing a tool for teaching children about healthy eating while having fun in The Giggling Garden.  Check out Garden in the Koop for more information.

A Goal for Me by Richard Brown, Jr. illustrated by Lionel D. Gentry (broadcast 3-21-2011)  This book is the first in a planned series of children’s books that is designed to grow along with its readers.   In this one we walk along with an African-American father as he has a heart-to-heart talk with his seven year old daughter about becoming financially independent in today’s economy.  Well written and illustrated it addresses the important question of how we prepare our children for the future.  This hour explores not only the particular book but also the role of the writer in today’s society.  To find out more go to A Goal for Me.

One Million Men and Me by Kelly Starling Lyons (broadcast 10-11-2010) This is an engaging tale of a little girl attending the famous Million Man March with her father in Washington, D.C. on October 16, 1995.  Told from the child’s viewpoint the warmly illustrated book invites us along on an inspiring journey of wonder and fellowship.  A great book to read to a child or to yourself.  Find out more at

Brave Donatella and the Jasmine Thief by Caroline McAlister (broadcast 9-6-2010)  This delightful picture book for children 5 to 8 is based on a myth dating back to the start of the Medici political dynasty in Italy.  A gardener clips a piece of jasmine from a forbidden plant to give to his love and is sent to prison for the offense.  The tale tells how the object of his affection rescues him and how their life unfolds.  Beautifully illustrated by Donald Hendricks.  Find out more at

Let My People Go by Tilda Balsley (broadcast 3-8-2010) The Passover story comes alive with this picture book for children.  Perform it at the family seder or read it as a bedtime tale.  Great for the classroom or church as well.  With clever rhymes and zany pictures, the saga of the ten plagues is presented in a Readers’ Theater format aimed at readers young and old.  Find out more at

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