For some really good mystery reading take a listen to the following interviews.

Storm Surge by Tamara Ward (broadcast 4-11-2011)  Tamara Ward offers us an intricately plotted mystery novel against a background of mayhem and environmental skulduggery.  With  characters that provide curious twists and subplots to the main story she has created an ensemble cast that will make the reader glad to know this is just the first of a planned series of Jonie Waters mysteries.  Find out more at

The Mandolin Case by Dr. Tom Bibey (broadcast 3-28-2011) Here is the kind of book that one reviewer described as, “… like rambling down a slow river and I enjoyed the whole journey”.  This is a medical legal mystery novel filled with the kind of bluegrass characters that you wish you could get to meet in person and it has a storyline that keeps you turning the pages to find out what happens next.  Find out more at

A Duty to the Dead by Charles Todd and Caroline Todd (broadcast 12-28-2009)  A young nurse finds that keeping a promise to a dying soldier in WW I thrusts her into a maelstrom of intrigue and murder.  From the creators of the best selling Ian Rutledge mystery series comes a compelling new character, Bess Crawford.  Find out as well something about the newest Rutledge mystery, The Red Door.  Find out more at

Deadline for a Dark Horse by Franklin Hooper and Roger Malbuisson (broadcast 7-27-2009) explores the possibility of an attractive renegade Dark Horse congresswoman deadlocking the ’08 political conventions. Hooper’s story involves murder, hilarious plot and character intrigue at the national as well as the local  political level.  Find out more at

Felonious Jazz by Bryan Gilmer (broadcast 7-20-2009)  Jazz bassist Leonard Noblac lays down a killer beat of crime and destruction.  It’s a performance he knows will finally make his composition famous.  Up and coming lawyer, Jeff Davis Swaine, gets drawn into the strange psychology of the musician as he tries to track him down to stop the seemingly pointless mayhem.  In the process a part of him comes to admire the man who puts him and those close to him in mortal danger.  Find out more at

A Matter of Justice by Charles Todd and Caroline Todd.  (broadcast 2-23-2009)  The 11th Insp. Ian Rutledge mystery skillfully examines the human psyche and explores the difference between vengeance and justice.  This is  a murder mystery that lives up to its promise by drawing you in step by step as you try to figure out how the connections work.  Find out more at

An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England by Brock Clarke ( broadcast (9-1-2008) A lot of remarkable things have happened to the  hero of this incendiary novel, beginning with the ten years he spent in prison for accidentally burning down Emily Dickinson’s house.  Then the homes of other famous New England writers suddenly go up in smoke and he can only avoid going back to prison by by uncovering the identity of this literary-minded arsonist.  This is a subversively compelling, multilayered and often very funny novel.  Find out more at

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