Short and Linked Story Collections

Wonderful collections…

Accidental Birds of the Carolinas by Marjorie Hudson (broadcast 8-8-2011)  A gifted storyteller, Marjorie Hudson skirts the edges of magical realism with her tales of outsiders “accidentally” blown into the unfamiliar swirls and eddies of southern culture in its many forms.  This is a tender and wild compilation that brings the reader into the unfolding rhythms of the unique cast of characters that people her stories.  Find out more at

The Bigness of the World by Lori Ostlund (broadcast 11-22-2010) Kenan Visiting Writer at UNC-CH this  year, Lori Ostlund talks with us about her  award winning short story collection.  The collection won the Flannery O’Connor Short  Fiction award and also the California Book Award for First Fiction by introducing  a varied cast of unique individuals into whose lives the reader is intimately and intriguingly drawn.  Find out more at

The Boy with a Tree Growing from His Ear by MariJo Moore (broadcast 5-3-2010)  This book is a work of artistic theatre: an assemblage that chose its ówn parts,  somehow equaling to a total production.  The characterization portrayals include various plots: one story presents a woman’s dreams concerning her favorite deceased male authors; one more allows entrance to the thoughts of a serial killer, while another touches on an ambitious desire to shapeshift.  Reminiscent of Gabriel  Garcia Marquez all take you into the world of magical realism for some very good reading.  Find out about this and much more at

Floodmarkers by Nic Brown (broadcast 11-9-2009)  “…When the storm rips the lid off this humble town it exposes a motley ensemble of flawed, hopeful, and quietly desperate young characters.  There is more humanity overflowing on these pages than in most works of fiction twice its size.”-Jim Lynch  Find out more at

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