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Kingdom in the Balance/The Source by Debra Killeen/Diana Bastine (broadcast 9-19-2011)  Sister authors, Killeen and Bastine, have each come up with good reading fantasy novels that fit into the young adult category.  Kingdom in the Balance, by Killeen, is the final and very satisfying installment in The Myrridian Cycle.  This series of five books takes place in a medieval kingdom discovered by accidental visitors from our time who become actively involved, as does the reader, in a world where Magic works and who controls it intensifies the intrigue.  The Source, by Bastine, also takes us into another world but this is one hidden in ancient caves deep below the magic terrain of Ireland.  The story begins when a young girl discovers a strange-looking man who she first suspect is a vampire but soon learns something about him even more fantastic.  This is Bastine’s first novel and gives promise of a lot more enjoyable reading to come.   Find out more at    and

t by Kendra Thomas (broadcast 3-15-2010)  This a totally engaging, well told story of magic and fantasy aimed for young adults but well suited to lovers of fantasy fiction of all ages.  The second in a series that began with Ravenheart, Bree, the lead character takes us with her into hidden lands beneath the sea as well as into the world of living dreams.  Her search is for the key that will open an antique jewelry box holding the end of prophecy.  This is a book that will make the fantasy fan eager for the next one.  Not yet on the shelves,  Comfort Publishing plans to release it in mid-summer.  Find out more at

The Nine Pound Hammer: Book 1 of The Clockwork Dark by John Claude Bemis (broadcast 10-5-2009) Twelve-year-old Ray is haunted by the strangest memories of his father, whom Ray swears could speak to animals. Now an orphan, Ray jumps from a train going through the American South and falls in with a medicine show train and its stable of sideshow performers whose talents seem almost magical .  An fantastic tale of heroes, defenders of the wild, including the son of John Henry, the book brings myths to life in a way that tugs at the imagination and keeps you turning the pages.  Find out more at

Legacy of the Archbishop by Debra Killeen (broadcast 3-9-2009) ” Amid a backdrop of magical powers, Debra Killeen has created a fantastical world full of murder, subterfuge, and church intrigue.  As the story opens, the Archbishop of Myrridia is murdered, but before the assailant can be discovered, events spiral out of control and the heroes and villains become embroiled in a struggle for the entire kingdom.  The characters in The Legacy of the Archbishop come alive through the descriptive writing and plot within the third book in the Myrridian Cycle.”  Ellen Feld, Feathered Quill.  Find out more at

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