Abbott, Anthony S.   Poetry  if words could save us

Amen, John  Poetry  At the Threshold of Alchemy

Ashe, Katharine  Romance In the Arms of a Marquess

Barfield, Raymond  Philosophy  The Ancient Quarrel between Philosophy and Poetry

Barnette, Brian  Philisophical  Stone Upon Stone

Bibey, Dr. Tom  Mystery  The Mandolin Case

Brown Jr., Richard  Children  A Goal for Me

Carrboro Branch Library  discussion with Nerys Levy

Carrboro Poetica  Poetry Group

Claytor, Sara  Poetry  Memory Bones

Flynn, Keith  Poetry  Poetry and Social Media

Giordano, Paolo  General Fiction  The Solitude of Prime Numbers: A Novel

Grossman, Lev  Fantasy  The Magician King

Grothe, Dr. Mardy  Non-fiction  Neverisms

Halperin, David  Fantasy  Journal of a UFO Investigator

Hinge, The  Literary Center

Hinge, The  Literary Center  5-24-2011

Hudson, Marjorie  Short Story Collection  Accidental Birds of the Carolinas

Katz, Marcus  Metaphysical  After the Angel

Killeen, Debra/Bastine, Diana  Young Adult Fantasy  Kingdom in the Balance/The Source

Lader, Bruce  Poetry  Embrace

Marche, Stephen  Non-fiction  How Shakespeare Changed Everything

Matchar, Emily  Food and Travel Free lance Writer

McLean, Joan  Poetry  Place

Nagy, Paul  Paul reviews Tarot books

Nagy, Paul   Poetry

Ostlund, Lori  Short Story Collection  The Bigness of the World

Otto, David/Ellington, Richard    Non-fiction  Carrboro: Images of America

Richardson, Col. Bill   Non-fiction  Valleys of Death: A Memoir of the Korean War

Rosenquist, Dr. Sara  Non-fiction  After the Stork

Santa, John  Non-fiction  Bluegrass is My Second Language – A Year in the Life of an Accidental Bluegrass Musician

Schnoor, Joel  Non-fiction  I Laid an Egg on Aunt Ruth’s Head

Troy, John  Metaphysical discussion  The Human Gospel of Ramana Maharshi

Ward, Tamara  Mystery  Storm Surge

Williams, David Wesley Fiction Long Gone Daddies 

Wilson, Eric G.  Philosophy My Business is to Create (Blake’s Infinite Writing)

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