Focus on Speculative Fiction: Jay Posey, “Outriders”

Outriders Cover

Jay Posey [broadcast 2016-07-11] — Posey was last in studio for his “Legends of the Duskwalker” series, returning to talk about his new military science fiction novel Outriders (Angry Robot Books, May 3) as well as his work on the forthcoming virtual reality game Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Ubisoft/Red Storm).  Co-hosts Mur Lafferty and Samuel Montgomery-Blinn. Runtime: 68 minutes.

Mur Lafferty (L) and Jay Posey (R) in studio.

Mur Lafferty (L) and Jay Posey (R) in studio.

THE CRIME SCENE: “Rural Noir in Crime Fiction,” with Steve Weddle, Greg Barth, and Shawn A. Cosby

S.A.CosbyWeddlegreg barth

This month, THE CRIME SCENE talks “Rural Noir” with authors S.A. Cosby (Brotherhood of the Blade, THUGLIT #10, #14, and #23) and Greg Barth (Selena, Diesel Therapy, Suicide Lounge).


We talk about things we love, things we hate, and black snakes. We talk about Shawn’s trips to the outhouse. Of course, meth gets mentioned somewhere. We namedrop Jed Ayres for the tenth consecutive episode. Also mentioned are Bonnie Jo Campbell’s American Salvage, Marietta Miles (Route 12), and Nicky Turner. Jamie Mason (Monday’s Lie) and Katie Estill (Dahlia’s Gone, if you can find it), and the TV shows Fargo and Justified. 


THE CRIME SCENE: “The Reviewer in Crime Fiction” with Benoit Lelievre, Renee Asher Pickup, and Keith Rawson

ben lelievrerenee pickupkeith rawson


This month, THE CRIME SCENE features “The Reviewer in Crime Fiction.” We’ve top-loaded the episode with the great Ben Lelievre (Dead End Follies), Renee Asher Pickup (formerly of the Books and Booze podcast) and Keith Rawson (LitReactor).

Join us while we talk about some great works and some not-so-great works, and even a dark turn into my least favorite subject: Star Wars and comic book movies. We get into it about how much we love Gabino Iglesias’ Zero Saints, or Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman, and Steven Graham Jones, Jedidiah Ayres (once again), Tom Pitts (Hustle, Knuckleball), T.E.D. Kline, Andrew Vachss, and Alex Segura’s Down the Darkest Street.

THE CRIME SCENE: “Talking Noir at the Bar” with Jedidiah Ayres, Erik Arneson, James R. Tuck, and Ed Brock


Smack dab between a mess of Spring Fever, the country has been awash with Noir at the Bar of late. During a 30 day span, there will have been readings in Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, and Harrisburg, PA. Catch a quick interview with Jed Ayres (Peckerwood, Fierce Bitches), who popularized N@TB’s current incarnation, then a chat with Harrisburg host Erik Arneson (Fortune), James R. Tuck (Blood and Bullets) and Ed Brock (Pale in Death).

It only hurts as long as  you let it.

ed brockjames r tuckarnesonAyres

Focus on Speculative Fiction: John G. Hartness and Gail Z. Martin


John G. Hartness and Gail Z. Martin [broadcast 2016-04-04] — A funny thing happened on my way to the studio on Monday morning. I was planning to just talk about the absolutely packed month ahead of literary events (see the Bull Spec newsletter for the latest listings) and at the very last minute asked Charlotte authors Hartness and Martin if they would have time for quick chats via phone about their latest projects. Success! Hartness has a new “Bubba the Monster Hunter” novella out, but we spent most of the time talking about his putting a shingle out as publisher of Falstaff Books, for many years his own imprint on his self-publishing efforts, and his recent call for submissions for a #WeAreNotThis anthology. Martin has just seen the fourth and concluding book in her Ascendant Kingdoms series published by Orbit Books, and we also talked about several other series she has ongoing as well. And! I did follow through as planned with an overview of the month ahead in books and readings, including Fred Chappell’s appearances in the Triangle this month, along with the Oak City Comicon, Ernest Cline, Felicia Day, and more. Enjoy!

Focus on Speculative Fiction: the 2016 Manly Wade Wellman Award eligibility list

The Wrath and the Dawn (The Wrath and the Dawn, #1) Star Trek: The Original Series: Savage Trade The Night of One Hundred Thieves

The 2016 Manly Wade Wellman Award eligibility list [broadcast 2016-03-07] — Sam’s fairly rapid-fire descriptions (less than a minute each!) of the 115 titles on this year’s Manly Wade Wellman Award eligibility list, an attempt at surveying the entirety of North Carolina’s book-length science fiction and fantasy published last year. Follow along with the cover gallery at Bull Spec if you’re so inclined!

THE CRIME SCENE: “The Novella in Crime Fiction” with S.W. Lauden, Angel Colon, and Mike Monson

killers love monson lauden angel colon

Out to prove that BIGGER isn’t always BETTER, the Crime Scene with Eryk Pruitt sits down with three authors of crime novellas, including one that is a publisher. S.W. LAUDEN (Crosswise), ANGEL COLON (The Fury of Blacky Jaguar) and All Due Respect’s Mike Monson (A Killer’s Love) talked about their experiences with the novella and much, much more, with Hashtag author Eryk Pruitt on March 14, 2016 a.d.

The Crime Scene: “Comics in Crime Fiction” with Alex Segura, Erik Arneson, and Tyler Jenkins


Alex Segura (Silent City, Archie Meets Kiss), Erik Arneson (Fortune) and Tyler Jenkins (Peter Panzerfaust, Snow Blind) stop by to discuss “Comics in Crime Fiction” with Eryk Pruitt on THE CRIME SCENE,

Among the many works and authors discussed in this episode are William Gibson, Cormac McCarthy, Patricia Highsmith, THE BLACK HOOD, ARMED GUERRA, Torpedo Books, ALIAS, SCALPED, Ed Brubaker, Rob Hart, CODE NAME: BABOOSHKA, THE JADE CITY CHRONICLES, 100 BULLETS and THE WALKING DEAD.

Plus, get my thoughts on corporal punishment (NOT capital punishment.)

Focus on Speculative Fiction: 2015 in Science Fiction and Fantasy with Ursula Vernon


Ursula Vernon [broadcast 2016-02-01] — Discussion of the best of 2015 in science fiction and fantasy literature, movies, comics, stories, and more, with an eye on Hugo Award categories, the Nebula Suggested Reading List, and the just-released Locus Recommended Reading List. Co-hosts Mur Lafferty and Samuel Montgomery-Blinn. Runtime: 01:59:29. Also mentioned that nominations are open for the 2016 Manly Wade Wellman Award and a pair of upcoming events at Flyleaf Books (Thursday, February 5) and Quail Ridge Books (Friday, Feburary 6) with Lawrence M. Schoen for his new science fiction novel Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard.

The Crime Scene: “Sex in Crime Fiction” with Christa Faust and Johnny Shaw

christa faust johnny shaw

Authors Christa Faust (The Money Shot, Choke Hold) and Johnny Shaw (Dove Season, Big Maria) stop by The Crime Scene to talk “Sex in Crime Fiction” with Eryk Pruitt. Broadcast on January 11, 2016 a.d. Topics discussed include sex, serial killers, tropes, and much, much more.

Among the works discussed in this issue are the short film “Dinner with Holly”, The Fabulous Clipjoint by Frederic Brown, Miami Purity by Vicki Hendricks, Tampa by Alissa Nutting, Child of God by Cormac McCarthy, “Hoosier Daddy” by Jedidiah Ayres, Dare Me by Megan Abbott, Tapping the Source by Kem Nunn, the works of Richard Prather, and a whole lot more.

Get after it.