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The Latest from Carolina Book Beat

The Mary-El Tarot  Landscapes of the Abyss by Marie White (broadcast 3-12-2012)  In this special almost two hour broadcast we take pleasure in talking with Marie White about the beginnings of this exquisitely rendered set of Tarot cards, the text that accompanies them, the symbols illustrated, meanings suggested and the process of the artist in bringing this to life.  See the publisher’s description below and find out more at Marie White

Book Description from Publisher Schiffer Books:  Exquisite and powerful, if there is a theme in The Mary-el Tarot, it is one of the alchemy of the soul; of finding balance, symmetry, mastery of the self, and becoming your own genius. This long-awaited 78-card deck is stunningly illustrated with traditional oil paints and a depth of symbolism found in the old classics. The accompanying guide, Landscapes of the Abyss, takes the reader through the meanings of each card via the landscape of the Moon and the High Priestess, through the geometry of the temple and the Tree of Life, the Merkabah, and the caduceus! Enter a doorway between heaven and earth, between microcosm and macrocosm, between the world of eternity and infinity. A rare gem suitable for all levels of tarot experience.