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This is a blog offshoot of the live radio show, Carolina Book Beat, a program on WCOM 103.5 FM, webcast from www.wcomfm.org amd podcast here.

The radio show offers the great opportunity to sit down and chat, live on the air, with working fiction and non-fiction writers, editors, poets, journalists, publishers and all others engaged with the written arts.  The conversations focus on the writing process, the work that has been produced or is in progress, life in the literary lane and all the other tangential things that talking about the written word can lead to.

I’ve realized though, after a year, that we don’t have enough time on the air to allow for conversation and input from our listeners.  Nor is there time to share news and information about events that we come across that could be of interest to all the readers and writers out there.  This includes other books we may be reading that pique our interest.

Hence, Carolina Book Beat, a blog dedicated to sharing the written experience in a more interactive manner with our listeners in particular and with anyone else who may be interested in general.  It also provides the opportunity for written reviews of those works that, for whatever reason, we can’t manage to get to on the air.

I invite, encourage and look forward to your input, reviews, suggestions and maybe even questions that someone out there may have the answer to.  Please send us your comments, questions or suggestions by clicking on the Leave a comment link listed at the beginning and end of each new posting.  We’d love to hear from you.

So…Welcome!  Check out the pages and here’s to connecting with each other in cyberspace.


8 responses to “About Carolina Book Beat

  1. Audrey, this site is really cool! congratulations!!!

  2. Dear Audrey & Paul, it was a pleasure being on Book Beat yesterday, talking with you–and Joe, who phoned in–about poetry and politics. Thank you.

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. Hello, Book Beat! Enjoyed the review on Prime Numbers…

  5. Hello! I was excited to hear about your program via the Hinge Literary group getting started in the area. I publish a quarterly magazine of speculative fiction, Bull Spec, out of Durham. There are some interesting folks coming to Durham and Chapel Hill over the next months, among others Ann and Jeff VanderMeer (July 30, Fullsteam Brewery) and Lev Grossman (August 30, Flyleaf Books). The VanderMeers have several other readings across the Carolinas this month as well. I’d love to send you more info, but don’t see an email address for that.

  6. Be happy to hear from you! The email is producers@carolinabookbeat.com. I’m already in the process of setting up an interview with Lev Grossman. Would you be interested in coming on the show one day and talking about Bull Spec?

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